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20 Minute Mentor, The Teaching Professor, and Academic Leader

Magna LogoMay 2020

Magna publications has introduced a new process to read and enjoy your favorite content.  The library still has a generic URL, but you will be logged in as Des Moines University (Erica Johnston) from this access point.  And if you try to save content you will save items of interest to this group/shared account.

If you want to personalize your experience to the three products we subscribe to: 20 Minute Mentor, The Teaching Professor, or Academic Leader, you need to follow this two-step process, as outlined by the publisher:

Step 1. Register for a personal account:

Once successfully registered, you will see a screen "Thank you for completing your registration".

Step 2: Go to the unique URL for Des Moines University. 

On the right side of the page, in the "Username or email address" box, enter the email and password you submitted in Step 1.

Then "Click Here to View Your Account": Now you can access your favorite content and customize your experience to meet your personal preferences.

successful log in example


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