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20 Minute Mentor, The Teaching Professor, & Academic Leader: Overview & Access


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Three Magna Publications products are available to the DMU community:

  • 20 Minute Mentor/Magna Online Courses: Twenty-minute, highly focused video-based programs designed to answer a specific question related to teaching and learning.
  • The Teaching Professor: Newsletter containing articles, evidence-based insights, and more aimed to help faculty improve their teaching, share best practices, and stay current on the latest pedagogical research.
  • Academic Leader: Newsletter dedicated to providing proven, practical strategies to help you lead more effectively and further the mission of your department, program, or institution.

How to Access


Group Access to Magna products


Please note that when you access the online courses/20 minute mentor content, any videos viewed by DMU users will appear on the shared learner dashboard under "activity." To find available videos, scroll to "browse" where you can explore offerings by topic or search by keyword:

20 minute mentor browse screen



Phone: 515-271-1537