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Interdiscplinary journal article index plus cool tools to follow research trends, see what publications are most cited, and learn what journal are highly ranked in your discipline.

Access Scopus Anywhere

The Scopus Alerts mobile app is available to DMU faculty, students, and staff. 
If you do not already have a Scopus username and password here’s how to set up your personal account:

  1. Access Scopus from the DMU network  
  2. Register for a personal account. You will need to use your DMU email address (not a personal one) so Scopus can verify your DMU affiliation.
  3. Download the SciVerse Scopus Alerts (institutional subscribers version) mobile app from Itunes or Google Play
  4. Use the same username and password you created on the website to log into Scopus Alerts mobile app. 

If you are unable to get into the Scopus mobile app but feel that you are entitled to access, please first check that your username and password is the same as was registered on Then make sure that you entered your email address from the institution that offers you Scopus; If you use an email provider like Yahoo or Gmail Scopus will not be able to check if you’re affiliated with DMU.

Q: What content is included in the app?
A: The Scopus mobile application covers the same as; thousands of scholarly journals from 5,000 international publishers. 

Q: Can I read the full text of the article on the app?
A:  The mobile app does not link to DMU ejournals. You will not be able to view journal pdfs within the mobile version of the database.

Q: What features are included in the app version?
 A: You can search and browse all indexed content, save articles as favourites, set up alerts for your favourite searches and citation alerts for when a particular article is cited.
Q: Will recognize what I’ve done in the mobile app?
 A: It is not possible to coordinate your saved articles and alerts between the mobile app and your accont on web version of the database. This means that articles and searches you’ve saved in the mobile app will not be stored in your account but you can email saved articles citations to yourself.

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