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3D models of human anatomy.

Fair Use by Primal Pictures

Anatomy.TV is owned by a company called Primal Pictures. The library licenses Anatomy.TV through a middle party, Stat!Ref. Imaging rights belong to Primal Pictures who offers the following statement regarding fair use:

"Non-commercial/non-profit use of images, slides and animations is allowed and does not require any additional permission or license. However, Primal Pictures Ltd must always be credited as the source of the images as we maintain the intellectual property rights and copyright to the material."

Non-commercial/non-profit use includes:

  • Private educational use, including lectures to students and colleagues, and PowerPoint presentations (when not for sale)
    • The subscription will also allow staff of the University to load images and animations programs such as Web CT into lecture notes for access by other students and staff of the University, on the conditions that 1.The images and animations can be accessed only by students and staff of the University, 2. No attempt is made to reproduce any part of the program, 3. Copyright of images and animations is acknowledged to Primal Pictures, 4. Any images and animations so used are removed upon the cessation of University subscription.
  • Patient education handouts (when not for sale)
  • Posters at conventions"

Access the above (edited)  statement, plus additional information regarding copyright/fair use/licensing at:

Des Moines University Library